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— Mary Jo Rogers, Ph.D. – President/CEO Rogers Leadership Group

Is it time to up your presentation game?

Presentations get a terrible reputation. We’ve all sat through at least one of those presentations. Ultimately, it didn’t matter if it was a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides deck.

One example would be a deck that was overflowing with bullet point after bullet point. It also coupled lackluster graphics with a non-branded template. Of course, it also featured a different transition for every slide. Not only that, but the presenter decided to read it to the attendees. Inevitably the audience isn’t engaged. Instead, they looked impatiently at their phones, waiting for it to end. Even so, it’s not the medium – it’s the execution.

While it may be true that these kinds of presentations aren’t uncommon. It’s also true that when they are customer-facing, they can hurt your brand and sales efforts.

All in all, your presentations can be SO much more!

Whatever category of presentation you need, Carbon3Sixty can help!

We offer high-end design and writing support. Moreover, we can create, or transform, your deck into an on-brand and on-message, indispensable tool. So that you will show the best of who you are to your audience.

Big Impacts.

Corporate Capabilities

In truth it’s your brand ambassador

Sales Deck

The right tool to help your Sales Person shine


Reach a large audience on brand everytime

Key Note

Above all, set the right tone with a deck that supports you, not distracts from you.

Thought Leader

Make your message center stage


When you need to impress the higher-ups

Trade Show

Consider animating your deck for looping videos!

Lunch & Learn

Educate, inform, and engage.

Essential Sales Tools

Interactive Sales Presentation

Truly show the world what you do better than anyone else!

The Complete Package

Combine your corporate capabilities plus your product or services  pitch in one deck, for an all-in-one resource!

Ready to take your presentations to the next level?

Take your sales deck to the next level, with interactivity

Did you know you can combine multiple decks into one flexible presentation? In fact, by adding navigation and linking pages, you can create an app-like experience.

With a single tool, your sales reps will be able to respond to their audience’s feedback in real-time. Therefore, they can move quickly from topic to topic, from question to question. They can tailor each presentation to its audience. Moreover, they can do this all while maintaining brand consistency.

You can see the benefits for yourself.  Watch this video!


We’re sharing the PDF of the presentation featured in the video above. Now, you can experience an interactive presentation deck firsthand.  Be prepared for a sudden burst of inspiration. Especially as you imagine all the possibilities this solution can give you.

*Please note, some of the presentation functionality does not transfer to a PDF, such as video playback but it does work in the original application.

What makes a presentation stand out?

We developed our approach and philosophy after years of providing presentation support. In brief, keep a deck clean and on-point. It’s simplicity and consistency that will help your presentations stand out.

To illustrate these concepts, we’ve provided some sample pages from our deck. Specifically, they show a before and after. Overall, they highlight the best practices we use to build exciting presentations.

Set the tone of the presentation with a compelling title slide



Icons and Infographics make complex information user-freindly



Keeping each page to a single key take-away keeps your audience engaged



Balancing brand and real-world tools, for the win!

Everyone is doing more with less these days. To that end, leveraging existing technology in creative ways means you can.  Not only that, but these tools can create new benchmarks for function and brand.

In short, there is a remedy to the tug-of-war between sales and marketing. Not only that, but there are ways to align your team’s priorities. To be sure, there is power when both sides combine their strengths and pull together in one direction. After that achieving the shared goal of company success becomes, well, child’s play.

And that’s a win/win that helps the bottom line.

Altogether that’s what we call working smart!

Interested In How Smart Marketing Can Help Your Business?

Note: We respect the needs of our clients to keep their proprietary information private. To showcase the possibilities presentations hold, we created this fictitious company and product.




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