Extending the eShield™ Brand

Their creative expertise, insights, professional and friendly demeanor convinced us to work with them and led to our ongoing collaboration.

— Barbara Mott, Marketing Manager at Whitney Medical Solutions

COVID-19 Changed Everything

COVID has and continues to affect every business and everybody. For some, the pandemic created opportunities.  One company was Whitney Medical Solutions, Inc. creator of the eShield™.

Several years ago, Whitney engaged C3S to name, brand, and launch their new FDA-approved sterile eShield™ covers.  Recently, they contacted us again to bring eShield to essential workers and the consumer market.

Due to Whitney’s well-established supply chain, the marketing ramp-up was short. Plus, they had effectiveness research about the covers.  Yet, they wondered, “how do we create a sub-brand for this new market?”


Having a Solution in Hand

One source for guidance was The Centers for Disease and Control. For example, they supplied directions on washing our hands, wearing a mask. As well as directions for cleaning surfaces with disinfectants. However, there was little written about that collector of grime that is often in our hands and near our faces and mouths.  This item has more germs per inch on it than a toilet seat. That device being, of course, our cell phones!

Even as awareness of the number of germs on cell phones grew, people were hesitant to clean and disinfect their expensive devices. Specifically, they were afraid of scratching screens or voiding warranties. Thus, there was uncertainty on how best to clean and disinfect these electronic devices.

Whitney had designed their patented eShield Covers™ to protect patients in the sterile environment of an Operating room (OR) from germs on electronic devices.  We knew this consumer version would solve a similar need. Specifically, protecting phones and people in the new COVID world.

Rather than build a new brand from scratch, we suggested that Whitney build on the equity of its existing eShield™ brand.  eShield™ was already an established name in hospitals. Further, it was FDA approved.  By sharing the brand equity, we could quickly create consumer confidence in its safety.

They say the simplest solution is the best. Indeed, once again, that is true. Finally, the original eShield is now “eShield OR” and the consumer version is the “eShield Stay-Clean Covers”.

The eShield Stay-Clean Cover™ is the perfect fit for first responders. Including, delivery drivers, travelers, and food preparers. In truth, it’s perfect for anyone who carries a phone with them. After all the Stay-Clean Cover™ serves two important purposes. One, protecting phones from the environment. And two, protecting others from phone contaminants.


Keep it Clean

Whitney is doing a few things to make single-use covers affordable. For instance, they are using the same FDA-approved material but in a non-sterile package. Next, they are increasing the per-unit quantities in each box.

We uncovered different value propositions for the two markets, from our market research. Equally important, it is giving us insight into future markets and other unmet needs.

The eShield Stay-Clean Cover™ logo features new brand colors as well as new shield icons. Moreover, we developed a system for extending the brand family. As a result, Whitney can expand into these new markets in this critical time. Beyond that, they can also expand the brand in the future, when other opportunities arise.

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