A Unique Niche


I love so many of the new logo options that I’m finding it hard to narrow it down!.

— Mary Jo Rogers, Ph.D. – President/CEO Rogers Leadership Group

Brand from the Ground Up

Rogers Leadership Group (RLG) is in a unique niche that combines psychology and industrial safety best practices in the high-risk utilities sector.

Safety rules and protocols are vital.  Not following safety protocols are literally life and death in this industry. When created without input from those who execute them, they can end up being too abstract or simply not realistic. They can even contradict other needs and goals. Understanding how people think and work can bridge these issues. That is what Rogers Leadership Group excels at.

Safety First

When developing the logo and brand for RLG it was important to consider the audience. The energy sector is very conservative. They serve an essential need and shoulder a great deal of pressure and responsibility. The vendor partners they choose must reflect an understanding of that. But they must still stand out.


Creative Spark

Reflecting on the human aspect of the work RLG does was important. The logo could not simply be a sterile font with cold colors. It needed warmth and yes, energy. C3S submitted multiple logo directions. Each focused on one of the RLG pillars. Each by extension told a different part of the RLG’s story.

The final logo font was an open friendly san serif, which gives it a serious but not overwhelming presence. Blue is a conservative color and used disproportionally in the energy sector making it hard to stand out.  It can also feel too flat and institutional. For this reason, we needed more color to bring in warmth.

In conversations with our client, she said that purple was a color she liked but was rare in her industry. We presented a blended color choice using purple with blue.  This blend of colors represented how RLG was a blend of disciplines. Further, to drive home her expertise in this industry, we created an energy effect using the “O” in Rogers.

We also chose to focus on the Rogers name as the anchor to the logo. The owner is highly respected in the industry. Using her name brings front and center the human nature of the company as well as cache.  Leadership Group is important as it stands for the people that Rogers Leadership Group is all about.

The minute she saw the logo she loved it, and we had our winner.

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