really likes to get into the “guts” of the matter, taking a genuine interest in a client’s business as if it were his own.

— Laura Stigler – Creative writer

Standing up for the Little Guys

There are a lot of great products nobody has heard of. Including products that solve unmet needs or supply fresh solutions for current issues.  Made by small, underserved creators and manufacturers these niche products often have a tough time being found. The reason is simple. Unless the product has a large sales volume, big distributors will not include them in their catalogs/websites.

One company owner who is also a unique solution creator, saw this as an opportunity. He decided to support other small business manufacturers. His plan is to supply them with distribution and marketing resources to help them broaden awareness of these novel solutions. Something not available from larger channels.


One Source for Unique Solutions

That company is AdvanSourceDirect™. Or at least it is now. Originally it was a concept without a name. The concept was to bring a variety of products from small manufacturers under one roof. Further they were going to allow shipments of small quantities, ship them fast and with great customer service.

Before we considered a name, C3S helped lay the foundation for building the brand. In this process, we developed the vision, mission, and positioning statement for the company. Then, once we had that messaging in hand, we were ready to go!

Various names were in consideration. One group of options focused on the fast shipping. Another focused on the products. While other ideas were more abstract. For example, Amazon is now associated with everything sold online. However, before that, it was only a book seller. And historically, a river in South America. To allow for a similar path to build of a new association, we offered names that were less well known but memorable.

The winner was AdvanSourceDirect™. It is a blended word that memorably told the story and mission of the company. In addition, it also had the advantage of starting with an “A” an early client request to move the name to the top of lists and queries.


More Than a Name

Naming was only one part of the brand-building C3S did. Because first impressions mean everything, the logo had to have the right feel. In fact, it needed to reflect the messaging and give justice to the name.

Equally important, for the brand story, we offered options that highlighted different company strengths. For instance, there were directions that focused on the speed of service, or the new and innovative ideas. And others, like the chosen direction, focused on the reality of it being an online store.
With all the work to build the brand, we were committed to not losing sight of what the company was all about. And that is helping customers find the products they need or did not know they needed. As well as getting it to them fast.

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