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The most impressive quality that C3S possesses is their ability to help a company define and determine what they want to accomplish while keeping them focused on achieving that goal.

—  Jim Cronin Director of Sales and Product Ecology EMT, Inc.

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Everything Old is New Again

Even in our digital age, print is not dead! In fact, there are markets where a printed piece is the right way to reach your customers. However, print alone is not the answer. It must also make sense in a larger strategy. For instance, for a leader in automotive parts* client, partnering with an Iconic American Automotive manufacturer*, point-of-sale material and promotional items are a dealer support staple.

Poking the Bear

Asking questions can be dangerous. Particularly, asking a client what they think about their current brand can lead you down a path fraught with pitfalls.

Standing up for the Little Guys

There are a lot of great products nobody has heard of. Including products that solve unmet needs or supply fresh solutions for current issues.  Made by small, underserved creators and manufacturers these niche products often have a tough time being found. The reason is simple. Unless the product has a large sales volume, big distributors will not include them in their catalogs/websites.

Brand from the Ground Up

Rogers Leadership Group (RLG) is in a unique niche that combines psychology and industrial safety best practices in the high-risk utilities sector.

Safety rules and protocols are vital.  Not following safety protocols are literally life and death in this industry. When created without input from those who execute them, they can end up being too abstract or simply not realistic. They can even contradict other needs and goals. Understanding how people think and work can bridge these issues. That is what Rogers Leadership Group excels at doing.

COVID-19 Changed Everything

COVID has and continues to affect every business and everybody. For some, the pandemic created opportunities.  One company was Whitney Medical Solutions, Inc. creator of the eShield™.

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