The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated – Print

“…takes the time to understand the needs of the client and will often suggest ideas and concepts that often surpass the goals of the project at hand..

— Adrian Dinu, Principal and executive Producer, Post Meridian

Everything Old is New Again

Even in our digital age, print is not dead! In fact, there are markets where a printed piece is the right way to reach your customers. However, print alone is not the answer. It must also make sense in a larger strategy. For instance, for a leader in automotive parts* client, partnering with an Iconic American Automotive manufacturer*, point-of-sale material and promotional items are a dealer support staple.

Customer experience is the new benchmark for marketing success. Moreover, customers want to feel important and not just viewed as a demographic.

These automotive industry leaders know their audience is online, like everyone else. However, they also know that many don’t work in front of computer. That’s why engaging them where they are is essential. Personalizing off-line interactions makes them more meaningful.

The parts manufacturer supports the dealers on the front line, in the OEM’s truck network (dealerships). These dealers engage with customers every day. For instance, when they get their oil changed or having repairs done. And that creates an opportunity to build brand relationships.


Be Where Your Clients Are

Customers seek out brands they know and trust. With that in mind, it’s essential to cultivate your brand and build the right feeling. Every customers touch-point is an opportunity to further the customer relationship. For our client, for example, there were opportunities to doing this, from wall posters, to floor mats, to window clings and counter mats.

While print may be thought of as old school by some, it’s having a resurgence. In this case, it’s because it’s atypical that it stands out. At the same time, it must fit the needs of the customer. For instance, fewer people take brochures at a trade show – they prefer the digital version to read on their phone or tablet. For this reason, it’s important that print fits into a targeted plan to the right audience.


Tactics Support Your Strategy

The use of print must fit into your brand values and reach your audience as nothing else can. It must also fit seamlessly into all your marketing efforts. A high-end printed manual for an expensive piece of equipment can be a great customer gift that builds your brand’s equity. Now, every time they refer to it or update the last maintenance date, you’re top of mind.

From table tents in the waiting areas, to floor mats in trucks ready for pick up after service, to branded oil changes stickers, creating a customer experience is about meeting the customers where they are. Overall, making sure your customer knows you’re there for them is a powerful way to build a strong brand.

Print this out if it helps you remember!

*Due to confidentiality agreements these well-known brands preferred not to be promoted here.

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