Is your Marketing Scattershot?

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard and not getting the results you want.

Sadly, one common marketing habit is to “throw everything you can think of at your audience and see what sticks.” Marketing without a clear strategy gives you more frustration than customers. We call this approach Scattershot Marketing™, and it impacts sales.

When businesses have FOMO, they use this approach. Moreover, their marketing becomes fragmented when they try multiple messages on multiple platforms. Eventually, this waters down their brand and confuses their audience.

Further, in today’s digital world, the situation has only increased. Instead of a dialog with your customers, it’s just more digital noise. Of course, it’s even more widespread with social media. With new sites coming online daily, it seems the fight for eyeballs has become like the Hunger Games.

What this means is that your marketing ends up being expensive, exhausting, and overwhelming. In the end, however, you’re doing little to grow your sales or your brand or your business.

If this is a frustration of yours, contact us today to chat about how we can help you eliminate this stress.

Spotting Scattershot Marketing

There are many reasons for Scattershot Marketing. Sometimes it’s due to a marketing department being stretched too thin. Or it can be the result of a tug of war between Sales and Marketing. They have different priorities and can be out of alignment.

Sometimes a company does not have a clear vision or mission. The result is that it’s impossible to create a simple message that shows who the company is and what they do. Or even what makes them unique in the marketplace.


We define Scattershot as, “Creating and delivering marketing without a defined strategy”. Moreover, other things that contribute to it –

  • Toe dipping
    • You focus on marketing for a while and then stop as you get busy
  • Inconsistent
    • You continually change your marketing/messaging
  • Targeting the wrong audience or having the wrong message
    • You do not communicate your value to the customer
      • You do not clearly say what problem you solve.
    • The message is not compelling
      • You do not answer the questions of “why change?” or “why you?”

From Scattershot to Focused

Marketing is an essential business tool. In truth, the right marketing sends the right message to the right audience across many platforms. That means when done well; marketing aligns and supports your business’s goals, core values, and sales efforts. Not only that, but when done consistently, it turns companies into brands.

The art of consistency and helping companies stay on-brand from channel to channel is what Carbon3Sixty does best.

We work to understand your brand from the ground up. We do our homework. Namely, we study internal and external research, as well as competitive analysis. From this, we gain the insight we need to develop a plan of action. A plan that can help you grow your business’s brand. Then, we combine messaging with our award-winning creative to bring it to life.

Finally, we help you align sales, marketing, and leadership. As a result of bringing your team together with a strategic focus, Scattershot Marketing and the marketing/sales tug of war end. At last, everyone can pull together for the win.


Is your Brand Aligned?

The Three A’s Can Help!


First, we find the quickest and  simplest way to get you moving. Equally important, we follow that with a 360° diagnostic look at your brand fundamentals.


Next, we help you strengthen your story as well as close any process gaps. By doing this we strengthen your messaging. Now we can leverage it with your audience and sales can show how essential you are.



Finally, we show you how to align sales, marketing, and leadership. The consequence of bringing your team together with a strategic focus, is stopping the marketing/sales tug of war. As a result, now everyone can pull in the same direction.

We’re your partners in the whole process. We support your vision. 
We design marketing stategies based on your business goals.

Is your brand strategically aligned or does it need an adjustment?

Download our Brand Alignment Checklist to see how your brand stacks up.