Marketing 101

Marketing has a language all of its own. It can seem daunting and confusing but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are a few of the most common terms

Definition of Marketing Terms


What is Marketing?

Marketing is creating awareness of you, your product or the service you provide in the marketplace to your customers and potential customers to create interest in your company’s offering and generate sales.

Think as marketing as your personal emissary representing you in your absence. Marketing enables you to reach a larger audience.

The awareness could be created with a website, a video, an advertisement, an email or a direct mailing with each tactic having the ultimate goal to sell a product or service. Doing it cleverly and beautifully – well that’s a bonus (see our portfolio [link]).


What is Messaging?

Messaging is the story of who you are, what you do and why it matters. There are important things you want your customers to know about your company, your products or services. By organizing and prioritizing those key points and giving them a context for your audience, you help them understand how what you do can benefit them.


What is Strategy?

A strategy is a coordinated plan of action to reach a goal. It might combine many things like email blasts, social media, a newsletter, advertising, etc., all building momentum to reach your set goal, like promoting/selling a new product being launched or generating new clients in your immediate area.


What is a Tactic?

A tactic is an individual project like a postcard that is part of a larger strategy. It’s like one piece of the puzzle that when combined with the other pieces convey your message and help you to reach your goal.


What is Brand?

Brand is your reputation, the one that you’ve worked so hard to build. It could be your company name or your product –it’s how people know who you are and it’s what they think about you when you’re not around. It’s the most valuable asset you have.

Traditionally, a brand has design and copy elements that support it. What are some of those elements of a brand?


  • A word mark with a company name sometimes paired with an icon or graphic element.


  • With a focus on the client’s perspective a message is the story of how your company or services is a great choice. The story might feature attributes like expertise, design, customer service or speed. It must be an authentic representation of who and what you do or it will be rejected by your audience.

Presentation deck

  • A capabilities presentation is an essential tool for any company. However, it’s important to keep it short and focus on your customer and how you help them.
  • Adding and interactive element, like leveraging PowerPoints interactive capabilities, allows you to bring more depth to topics on the fly to tailor your presentation to your audience.


  • Everyone has a website but not everyone uses it as a business tool! Like any marketing element it’s critical for it to serve a defined purpose. If you’re not driving traffic to your site and watching your traffic your missing opportunities to grow your business.