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Nice marketing … but is it memorable? There is increasing research connecting strong emotions and the creation of vivid memories. Specifically, the memories born in the adrenaline-filled moments of our lives. When you reflect on life you tend to remember the big events: your first love, a graduation or a life-changing moment. These events loom large in our memories compared to the day-to-day routines that blend together. You’ll...

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If everyone can say it, you shouldn’t “We love what we do” is not unique; it will not set you apart in the marketplace and it rarely has value for your customer. It can be a very important part of your “About Us” story, but it’s not a strong place to start your marketing. I often ask clients “what is unique about your company/product/service”? “What does a customer get from you they don’t get from anyone else?” Many times I get...

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