Nice Marketing … but is it Memorable?

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Nice marketing ... but is it memorable?

There is increasing research connecting strong emotions and the creation of vivid memories. Specifically, the memories born in the adrenaline-filled moments of our lives.

When you reflect on life you tend to remember the big events: your first love, a graduation or a life-changing moment. These events loom large in our memories compared to the day-to-day routines that blend together.

You’ll generally remember the first time you did something interesting or exciting, like going to a Baseball Game with your father. If you went on a regular basis you probably don’t remember the 9th or 24th time, unless something unexpected made it exciting again.

The power of a great story

You may wonder what memorability has to do with marketing. In reality, it has everything to do with it. The trend in today’s marketing is to focus on a narrative and tell a story.

Great storytelling is how we make marketing interesting and exciting. Stories allow audiences to connect with a concept emotionally, which makes it memorable and even unforgettable.

Evidence shows that stories increase retention and engagement. We are natural storytellers and connect with stories on many deep levels. History is simply the story of our past told generation after generation filled with heroes and villains. These stories that take root within us and help us define who we are and what is important.

Evolution of marketing

In today’s often remote and indifferent world, good marketing has evolved into a personal relationship between people and companies. We can’t forget the fact that the people we’re talking to are real people and not just sales targets Most people can’t connect with facts, data and general information without a context. It takes the power of a story to bring it to life.

EQ (emotional intelligence) becomes as important as IQ in making decisions because emotion has always been part of the buying decision. Today, more than ever.

Breaking through with a good story

There is an increasing wall of information to contend with every day. At a high-level, most companies’ marketing is the same as their competitors, and that makes total sense. The audience is the same; the product is similar; the value proposition is almost identical. Additionally, we have developed a skepticism about the world being presented to us online and in other media. Entertainment and marketing no longer have borders.

As a result, as a consumer, I rarely find content directed to me resonates with me. I’m unable to connect to it. I have no vested interest unless the message smartly presents how it has value to me. I make this point because we as developers of marketing need to create a vested interest within our consumer audience that can transform into action.

A story not only has to be good it has to be meaningful to your audience

For some, this will be an uncomfortable departure from the paradigm of trying to hammer a message home. You may have to redefine your benchmarks and how you track successes that lead to conversions.

Yes, it’s easier said than done. There will always be a lot of pressure to get things done and get things out, now! However, if you start with the goal of creating something meaningful to your audience that not only gives them good information but helps them connect to you or your product, you have the best chance of breaking through the wall of information.

The most important take away, in my opinion, is to be aware that your marketing efforts create an experience for your audiences but it may not be one that has meaning for them. Your marketing is important to you, but if it’s not interesting or exciting for your audience then you need to rethink what you’re doing. Try to look at things from the eyes of your audience. Are you excited by your marketing?

The new goal to aspire to has become to have your tweet re-tweeted, your post reposted, your story retold by others.

But before that happens you have to understand that people only do that when they care about your story, and they only do that when you’ve made it memorable.

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