Who are We? What Do We Do? Why Does it Matter?

To create a thriving brand, every company or organization must be able to answer these three questions.  Your answers must be authentic and compelling.  They are the foundation for building and defending your brand in the marketplace.

In fact, to effectively market you company or service you need to define the value you bring to you customers. As well as their expectations of their experience. In truth, it must reflect the promises you make to your customers and your organization.

Here is how we answer these questions.

Who We Are

We are Suzanne and Gary Carbon, the husband-and-wife team of Carbon3Sixty. We are both the youngest of four. Being free-range kids, we learned to take care of ourselves and others. Early in our marriage, we were the primary caregivers for Gary’s grandparents who were in their nineties. More recently Suzanne traveled back and forth to Pennsylvania to care for her mother until her death. Suzanne will neither confirm nor deny she was her Mom’s favorite.

We view marketing as another way of being of service.  Our business focus had always been helping our clients reveal their best essence to the world.  By helping clients reach their professional goals we can affect positive change in our clients as well as their coworkers and families.


Suzanne (President, Brand Cheerleader in Chief)

Suzanne has worked with business leaders since her career began. Specifically, CEOs, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Indeed, it was working in the C-Suite that sparked her interest in business. It also provided her a background in a range of industries. Including candy, construction, manufacturing, and real estate.

Moving from Pennsylvania to Chicago, this career trend continued. In fact, Suzanne credits working under two very successful Chicago entrepreneurs, Sal Ferrara at Ferrara Pan Candy and Jim Leopardo at Leopard Construction as vital to her success. Their leadership imparted master classes in family entrepreneurship and stewardship. Additionally, both nurtured Suzanne’s organizational, creative talents, and personal skills and expanded her responsibilities.  She rose in the ranks from executive support to lead roles in marketing and PR. It was also where that the entrepreneurial bug took root.

Suzanne naturally combines enthusiasm with the ability to deliver solutions. Additionally, she has a talent for expressing a company’s vision and mission in marketing. Equally, for both an internal and external audience. Today, as president of Carbon3Sixty, she continues to build on her record of providing great marketing. But now to her own clients.


Gary (EVP, Creative Director, Constant Creator)

Gary has worked with companies large and small including healthcare, manufacturing, and banking. As a lifelong artist in multiple mediums, his left-handed, creative mindset is hard-wired. Originally, he wanted to be a writer. However, his undiagnosed dyslexia and digraphia become an obstacle. Instead, he focused on the visual arts. Professionally as both an illustrator and an award-winning graphic designer, he began taking on Art Direction responsibilities. He continued to grow, from art director to senior art director to creative director and now creative lead at Carbon3Sixty.

Turning his disadvantage to his advantage, his dyslexia is one of his greatest strengths. It allows him to think outside of the box. This gives him a conceptual approach that looks for the big picture ideas and enables him to blend visuals and words to express them. He is often credited with coming up with unorthodox solutions that are fresh and beneficial to clients.

We are the core of every project and your brand’s advocate.



Coming from different roles in our careers, we found we had a common perspective. The perspective that marketing is an essential business tool. However, it isn’t often used for its full potential. Being pragmatic, we both had an interest in the business side of marketing and business in general. We began to discuss the unmet needs within the marketplace. And wondered could we fill it?

From these discussions, Carbon3Sixty was born. Our only offspring.

What We Do

The element Carbon is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. The creative element of Carbon3Sixty is the building block for effective marketing.


To inspire our clients to think bigger about what their brand is and can be, and then make that ambition a reality.


To create strategic-based marketing that helps our clients achieve their business goals and stay relevant in the marketplace.

We Bring Alignment

Companies and organizations can suffer from a misalignment in the direction and purpose of their marketing. From conflicting internal priorities to a lack of messaging, inconsistent executions or even tug-of-wars between sales and marketing, these misalignments create what we call Scattershot marketing™.

The impact of this is a watered-down brand without a strong identity in the marketplace. While the ROI of this approach is hit or miss, it can succeed in doing one thing – unifying everyone in frustration.


We Take You from Scattershot to Focused

There are no magical processes in marketing, nevertheless, some will lead you to believe there are. In truth our process is simple: Assess, Adjust and Align. Further, we bundle that with our curiosity, attention to detail, listening and communication skills, as well as project management to deliver great marketing for our clients.

We are strategy-driven and brand-focused. Well-thought-out and carefully crafted marketing generates the best results. To work otherwise would be a disservice to our clients

Even for a simple brochure, we work to understand who the audience is; what the key takeaways are, and how it functions as a sales tool and in the buyer’s journey. Also, we work to understand who you, our client is. Our intent is to reflect your best essence to help build your brand and help you reach your goals.


Why It Matters

It matters because if companies fail to adapt, they stagnate leading to irrelevancy and eventual extinction.

Every company, organization, division, or departments is a brand. Think of your brand as your reputation, and how the world views you. For example, it might include the words they use to describe you, service oriented, innovative, quick to respond and more. You hope they define you in a positive way.

However, hope is not a strategy and it leads to scattershot marketing.

For a brand to be great it must be managed. it must also be focused. And to have a focused brand, you must have an aligned team.

Alignment creates

    • Internal clarity of priorities and goals
    • Consistency in sales and marketing efforts and tools
    • A foundation for adaptability (growth and change)
    • A strong unified message
    • Brand awareness
    • Success

If you can’t answer these three questions, call us to start the process!