Do You Fulfill Your Brand Promises?


We’ve all experienced disappointment when something we’ve been anticipating turns out to be different than reality. The vacation spot listing showed spectacular views, but upon arrival, it was obscured by a renovation. Or that fashion statement piece that arrived as a cheaply made copy. We’ve all been there.

Have your customers been there with you?

Every brand makes promises. They may not even be big promises but lots of little promises. For example, you may promise a great product, and if there is an issue, great customer service to resolve. You promise to ship it, so it won’t get damaged, and you’ll do it fast. Those are a lot of promises. Did you fulfill all of them? If not, that’s a brand problem.

The opposite is true as well. “…We were cynical and didn’t expect the product to be what was advertised, even with the great reviews. But it was great, and now we’ve become advocates. We’re telling everyone how great it is!”

Authenticity is a word that is now associated with business-speak. Some think it’s become a meaningless word. But when it comes to your brand promise and how you fulfill it, ask your customers if they think it’s meaningless.

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